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Which devices does jVault run on?
The current version of jVault only runs on the Android OS devices. So, it is available for all Android smartphones and tablets.
Is jVault available for the Apple iPhone/iPad, or Microsoft Phone 8 devices?
Sorry, no.
Where can I get jVault?
jVault is available at the Google Play Store.
What is jVault Desktop, and will it run on my computer system?
jVault Desktop is the companion desktop app to jVault for Android. It was designed to work in conjunction with jVault on the mobile device, by allowing the user to quickly enter and edit data from a Desktop computer system, and transfer the encrypted data to jVault on the mobile device. jVault Desktop can also be used to view and search jVault data on the Desktop computer.
How much does jVault Desktop cost?
The version currently available is free to all jVault for Android users.
Is jVault Desktop limited in anyway?
The version of jVault Desktop available on our web site is not limited in anyway, except that you need to purchase jVault for Android to use it. So, if you don't own a copy of jVault for Android on your smartphone or tablet device, you won't be able to use jVault Desktop.
I just downloaded jVault Desktop on my PC and it's asking me to restore from a backup file. Why do I need to restore from a backup?
This is normal. You need to restore from a jVault for Android backup file to start using jVault Desktop (this is because only jVault for Android users are allowed to use this Desktop application).
How do I get data entered in jVault Desktop over to jVault running on my Android device?
You need to export your data to an encrypted file called '' located in your PC's synced Dropbox folder, in a subfolder called 'Cohosoft'. Then, from jVault for Android on your mobile device, initiate a Backup Restore from your Dropbox online account. jVault for Android will restore your data from this backup file.
Is there a way to transfer my data between jVault Desktop and jVault for Android without using a Dropbox online account?
Using your personal Dropbox online account is the only way to transfer data from jVault Desktop to jVault for Android running on your mobile devices.
Is my data that is backed up to my Dropbox account safe?
The jVault backup file stored in your personal online Dropbox account is fully encrypted using AES encryption, and the only way to decrypt it is for you to use your personal passphrase.
I forgot my passcode for jVault and can't access my data. Can you reset it for me?
The data in jVault is fully encrypted using AES encryption, and your passcode is not stored in the database. You can only decrypt it with the proper password. If you forgot it, then you're out of luck. That's the high-security feature of jVault-- your data cannot be decrypted by anyone without your passcode.
I have Cohosoft's jVault app running on my HP-WebOS device. Can I use this version of jVault Desktop with it?
No, that is not possible. jVault for WebOS uses a different encryption algorithm than jVault for Android (and jVault Desktop).
I started up jVault on my Samsung/HTC device, and I don't see the menu bar. Where is it?
With the latest version of Android OS (Kitkat 4.2) Samsung decided to "hide" the menu bar for older apps. to show it, you'll need to press and hold the multi windows/previous opened button to the left of the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. When you do that, you should see the black menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

For some HTC devices, you'll need to do this: Hide/Show Menu Bar.

Where can I download the old jVault Desktop (for WebOS)?
Go this this web page where you'll find a link for downloading the old jVault Desktop app. Remember, this old version is incompatible with the latest version of jVault Desktop (for Android)
How can I transfer my old jVault Desktop data (WebOS) over to the new jVault Desktop (for Android)?
See this special web page that describes the process.

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