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jVault Desktop for Windows (WebOS Version)
If you're looking for the old version of jVault Desktop that was originally designed for use with the WebOS devices, you can download it from this link: Download.

Note, that this version is deprecated and not compatible with the latest version of jVault Desktop (designed for use with jVault Android).

Migrating jVault Data from WebOS version to Android version
If you've decided to switch from a WebOS device to an Android device, you can use these instructions to migrate your data to your new Android smartphone or tablet.

Converting data from the older jVault Desktop (for WebOS) to the newer jVault Desktop (for Android)
Currently, there is no direct method for converting your old jVault Desktop for WebOS data to the newer jVault Desktop for Android. The easiest way to do this, is to first get your old WebOS data into jVault on your Android device (following the instructions above), then do a online backup to your personal Dropbox account from jVault Android. At that point, you should have an encrypted backup file which is synced with your Desktop Computer system that you can restore into jVault Desktop for Android.

This backup restoration procedure is described in detail in the "Help" screen for jVault Desktop.

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